Jefferson Photographer Captures Fall and Winter Waterfall

Rob Mey produces magic with his camera.

Composite shot of a waterfall, located at Blue Road off Longwood Lake. (Photo/Rob Mey)
Composite shot of a waterfall, located at Blue Road off Longwood Lake. (Photo/Rob Mey)
If you live in Jefferson, you might've glimpsed this little waterfall before, but it's guaranteed you've never seen it the way Rob Mey sees it.

A 17 year resident of Jefferson, Mey invested in a good camera five years ago after the birth of his son, Sebastian. When he's not taking pictures of his son, Mey likes to turn his lens to the forests and waters around Jefferson.

"We have a lot of beauty in the area," he said of his township.

Last fall, he was out at a favorite spot, a waterfall at Blue Road off Longwood Lake. "I wanted to capture the autumn colors," he said of the pictures he snapped back then.

After the recent snows, Mey returned to the same spot. "I had hoped the falls would've frozen, but they weren't," he said. Even so, he snapped some more shots for his collection.

When he got back home, he realized he had taken pictures from the same vantage point he had back in the fall of the falls. Mey added one and one - pictures of the falls in the autumn and winter - and came up with a lovely waterfall composite.

Pictured are more of Mey's photography of the Jefferson area. "Photograph's just a hobby," Mey said. "But I enjoy it a lot."

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suesofio April 17, 2014 at 12:38 PM
My Name is Sue Sofio, I was a resident of Jefferson for more than 30 yrs. is it possible to get a copy of the photo Longwood Lake Water fall? My son in law lived on the lake and loved the photo. Thank you for any help Sue Sofio


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