'Dangerous' Dog Gets Shipped to Utah Saturday

Gary and Susan Kolb will say final goodbye to remaining African Boerboel.

A long-fought battle to retain custody of a family pet will officially end Saturday, when Gary and Susan Kolb send their remaining African Boerboel to a shelter in Utah.

The Kolb family agreed in March to give up Imani, the remaining 100-lb. dog of the two they originally had. Jumba, the family’s other pet dog, died of cancer in a shelter in January.

Imani will be crated and put on a plane Saturday and flown to a Utah facility where she will remain for the rest of her existence, according to nj.com.

Gary and Susan Kolb were forced to give up their dogs after Jefferson Police found one of them without a muzzle on an early morning walk, despite a court order to always be bound when in public. Jumba and Imani have been in a shelter since Oct. 2011.

The court order came as a result of the dogs knocking over a woman in Jersey City in 2008, which was followed by two incidents of biting on two different people.

Jefferson Township also expects the Kolbs to pay about $10,000 to the town for the sheltering and feeding of the dogs, nj.com reported.  

Mr. Confidential April 05, 2013 at 03:01 PM
I think its BS that the town takes there dogs away, then expects them to pay 10,000$ for shelter and feeding.
J Ant April 06, 2013 at 02:14 PM
The whole thing is bs. It will not be a happy day.
dorothy April 06, 2013 at 02:23 PM
not bs .. if they can't comply with a simple order to muzzle their dangerous pet while on a walk then they obviously don't care that much to keep them. if their dogs already bit two people I think a muzzle is pretty leinient. 10g is nothing compared to the mess this couple wouldface if their dog mauls someone or kills a child. I don't even let my 30 lb dog near small children because he is / was feral and I don't trust him 100%
Joel April 06, 2013 at 03:01 PM
I agree. People have no respect for the law these days. I am sure that the dog is decently behaved under most circumstances but it didn't get to the biting stage overnight. By the time a dog, any dog, bites someone it has gone through a long process of escalating negative behavior changes. These changes start at an early age and when the pet owner does not properly address the bad behavior then the dog continuse to get more aggressive...period. Its certainly not the dogs fault, all dogs are trainable but the owner has to take responsibility for doing so. It a court hands down an order to muzzle the dog, then muzzle the dog. Don't flaunt your disrespect for the law by ignoring the order, then cry about it when you get caught. I think the fine should be much higher, they got off easy.
Rita Ross April 06, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Dorothy, you state as a fact that which no one really knows is true: the Kolbs were walking their dogs and one dog (Jumba, I believe) was not wearing a muzzle) in defiance of a court order. That's the frightening way of people who don't really think but spout whatever words have been put into newspapers because it suits them to spout them. Gary Kolb said the dog knocked the muzzle off.and he was about to put it back on the dog when the police officer came by. You and I were not there to know whether or not this is true: We were not there to know whether the officer who cited them was not being spiteful because he did not like the breed, did not like the Kolbs or wanted to show how powerful he was. He could have allowed Gary Kolb to put the muzzle back on. (Joel also fell prey to the same weakness, that the Kolbs did not (consciously) muzzle the dog. One dog was muzzled. Why, then, muzzle only one dog? Why not both? Don't you think that rather odd?
Joel April 06, 2013 at 11:51 PM
I didn't fall prey to anything. The dogs would never have bitten anyone in the first place had they been properly trained from day one. Dogs are pack animals at heart and if they are not trained daily by their owners then nature will take over. The Kolbs did not do their part in making sure the dogs knew their place in the family pack structure and that is where the breakdown and ultimate sad ending lies, with them. Again, I don't blame the animal, and I am not blaming the owners. It's unfortunate that it had to come to this because of humans misunderstandings of how dogs fit into our world.
Mikehunt April 07, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Hey, Joel, at least one dog got away from the petty, psychotic, cowardly neighbors in that tacky water's edge development...I know if I was looking for a house...that would be the last place I'd consider, But Joel...you'd fit in great there.
Toni Corrales April 09, 2013 at 01:59 PM
@ Mikehunt, its clear that your not a family person to make the remark above. Our development is a great place with great people who care so much for neighbors. Hope your not looking for a house because if you are then stay the hell out of Waters Edge because your not a family person or one who does not have any children. The Kolbs live on a street where all the Adults treat the kids like they are one of there own. As a parent myself who lives in the GREAT development of Water Edge, I wouldn't live anywhere else! I have a dog as well and I have taken my dog to a trainer and I would make sure my dog does not go after anyone and give much love to them as they are part of the family!


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