Fake Luring, Christie’s Surgery Tops News

See what you might have missed this week in our week in review.

Search for man called off after investigation reveals incident never happened, authorities report.

Christie: Weight Loss Surgery 'Intensely Personal Issue'

Governor chides reporters for obsessing about 'silly,' 'shallow' subject, says he is not a role model

High School Doles Out Honor Roll Accolades

Students in all four grades commended for high marks.

Child who came forward with information on alleged abuse was beat multiple times with belt by Carolyn Jackson, prosecutor said.

$550 Million in Local Spending Expected from Super Bowl

Estimated 400,000 people expected in region; team practices to be held in Florham Park and Media Day in Newark

JCP&L Donates $5K to Local Food Pantry

The employees also donated 1,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Pantry.

County to Refurbish Courthouse Flagpole

For the next two weeks, there will not be the usual flag flying in front of the county courthouse.

Tim Tebow-Seeking 'President' Gets Probation

Hopatcong man charged with causing public false alarm in 2012 must go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Hopatcong resident says $600 worth of goods taken from his basement, police report.

Morristown Hospital Graded 'C' in New National Report Card

Hospital scored as having higher number of patients develop blood clots than average scored facility, but fewer falls and traumas.


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