Dog Seizure Case Delayed For Unknown Witness

Defense will cross examine Kolb family's neighbor on Feb. 21.

Gary and Susan Kolb will have to wait longer to find out if the state is taking away their pet dog, after their attorney said he did not know of a key witness testifying, nj.com reported.

Jefferson Township seized both of the Kolb’s 100-pound African Boerbel dogs after the owners were indicted on a contempt charge for violating terms requiring both animals to be muzzled and leashed when out in public.

Since the trial has begun, one of the pet dogs has died.

The Kolb’s attorney, Robert Dunn, said he never heard of or was told that a neighbor, Steven Post, would be testifying in the case for the state, nj.com reported.

Dunn’s adjournment request was met, and the attorney said he will cross examine Post on Feb. 21 in Jefferson Municipal Court, the report said.

Fraancis February 25, 2013 at 10:08 AM
Curses be upon those with ill will towards the animals, if they have done wrong, may their families suffer the brunt of fit so that they may be able to observe the power of the great black one, the one who is the prince, God only saves one who have no malice , once you have crossed it then you are game, Three is a number nine is in the square, silver and ash are throne for the soul now it is written now it is sold, Hlrim. Now let it be posessed family and all, bottle in ash, foreheads rash. this can only be undone by the master who has thaught to rest it is naught it will only subside when all is wrought.
Fraancis February 25, 2013 at 10:08 AM
For all those who have prayed if you wish to have your prayers answered for the family, I have set up a string it is the multiplication spell just walk up to the nearest graveyard, pick up a bit of dirt between your little finger and thumb, say Hlr -lim (Hair limb) Remember the liars and spit 3 times on the floor , throw the dirt over your shoulders and walk back to the house , wash you hands and let the spirit of the graveyard do its job, remember this is only effective for the right thing, if these persons have done this because of malice you will find out the results on them sooner than you can see in terms of misfortune , sickness and bad luck,It can be observed and recorded to see that it works. becaus evil can only be played with evil sometimes it is necessary to do such things for protection, the justification is self protection if some one is hell bent on doing wrong, Catch me here for more good/ evil spells. peace to the good changes and ashes to the evil.


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