Jefferson Police Warn of JCP&L Phone Scam

At least two township business owners have fallen victim to the scheme.

Jefferson Police are again warning community members of a phone scam where the caller falsely claims to be a Jersey Central Power and Light employee demanding payment for an overdue bill.

According to Capt. Eric Wilsusen, at least two township business owners have been contacted and told they had an overdue bill of $500 and a cash payment was necessary or their electricity would be turned off.

One business owner agreed to pay by credit card, but the caller requested the payment be made through a Money Pack or PayPal debit card over the phone, Wilsusen said.

The business owner obtained the cards at a local pharmacy and provided payment over the phone. The merchant later realized it was a scam.

"We urge our residents to be cautious when giving out personal information over the phone and to take notes during any suspicious calls that may be helpful to investigators," Wilsusen said. "Jersey Central Power and Light advises residents to contact them directly at the phone number on their bill to check the status of their account if they are contacted over the phone."


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