Police: Mom Nearly 4 Times Legal Limit When Car Flipped With 8-Year-Old Inside

Bergen County woman faces child endangerment, aggravated assault by auto and other charges in Sparta accident.

Photo: Sparta Police Department
Photo: Sparta Police Department
A Bergen County mother was nearly four times the legal limit when her speeding car knocked down two utility poles and flipped over with her 8-year-old son inside, Sparta Police said.

Anna K. Phillips, 26, of East Rutherford, has been charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child, fourth-degree aggravated assault by auto, DWI, reckless driving and other moving violations.

Phillips' blood-alcohol content was nearly four times the legal limit when she lost control of her 2012 Ford Focus while traveling with her son on Sparta Avenue about a quarter-mile from the Andover Township line at about 10:30 p.m. last Friday, Sgt. John-Paul Beebe said.

The vehicle swerved to the right and knocked down two utility poles, which fell across the entire roadway, Beebe said. The vehicle overturned, slammed into a tree and came to rest at a 45-degree angle with the nose of the car embedded in the ground, Beebe said.

The victims, who were both wearing seat belts, were entrapped and suspended upside down in their seats, according to Beebe.

Andover Township Police Officer George Loudis and Sparta Officer Daniel Elig cut the boy loose and carried him away from the crash, Beebe said. The Sparta Fire Department used the Jaws of Life to extricate the boy's mother.

The victims were transported by the Sparta First Aid Squad to Mohawk Avenue where they were flown in separate helicopters to Morristown Medical Center.

The boy has been released from the hospital and placed in the custody of a family member, Beebe said.

Phillips was charged and released after posting 10 percent of her $500,000 bail.
Tammy April 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM
Of course I would not like to see the child placed in the system. I would hope he has a father in his life or he could remain with the family member he is currently with. I also hope she gets the help she needs and has some kind of relationship with the child. Perhaps after several years of sobriety and one of those devices that she has to breath into in order to start her car maybe she should have custody. I just think his life is not worth the risk of his mother relapsing.
Deb Sisco April 25, 2014 at 04:39 PM
He is in good (and sober) hands right now with his Father (who BTW is not from West Milford).
Jim Copeland April 26, 2014 at 10:55 AM
4X the legal limit should put you in such a state that you are unconscience and probably cant even walk. Was someone else driving and fled the scene.She had to be out of it and can't even remember how she got there.Where was she coming from.?There is more coming . JC
jazzman April 26, 2014 at 12:28 PM
4 times is alot for 90%....but for her it might not be her limit(.24-.28) that pic was taken lets say 2hrs after the accident and shes looks fine except for the bandages....Ive seen people that are more then .25 its all about tolerants to the alcohol...and it takes along time to be able to tolorate that much booze....its becomes a real art to be able to drink and drive and not die just from the alcohol... most people fall asleep at 10-15...and Im sure 3-4 days after the acccident she still had alcohol in her blood....its a very slow death that Im sure has fool everyone around her...but the numbers dont lie and the judge will not be fooled by her anymore.60 days in the county with 2yrs jail time dismissed followed by the 10yrs of probation with lots lots of support and monitoring...her driving force now should be that her son survived


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