Municipal Budget to be Presented This Month

Minimal changes expected in 2013 appropriations, township administrator says.

Jefferson's municipal budget is expected to be presented at the next council meeting on Jan. 16, Township Administrator James Leach said at the annual reorganization meeting Wednesday night.

"At the next meeting, the mayor will present to you the budget for 2013," Leach said. "It seems like we just got 2012's done, but it's that time of year again."

Leach said he didn't know what the budget will look like, only that there will be minimal changes.

"The mayor gives his proposed budget, that we work on together, to the council," Leach said. "Then the council has budget meetings to discuss, when they get it to a point close to where they feel it has to be then there's a two-step process. It has to be introduced at one meeting, then it has to be passed at another meeting. Then capital projects are a whole separate budget that have to be done by ordinance. Then we also have the utility budget; water utility and sewer utility. So we have four budgets actually."


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