No State Aid Bump for Jefferson Next Year

State's overall funding remains flat for fiscal year 2014.

Jefferson Township won’t see an increase in state aid for the coming year, but it’s not alone in New Jersey, either.

Governor Chris Christie announced funding from the state would remain the same as it did last year, at $1.364 billion overall.

Jefferson Township will receive $2,086,787, the same as it did last year, to supplement its upcoming spending plan.

Property taxes rose 2.4-percent, on average, statewide in 2011, followed by a 1.4-percent average in 2012, the governor’s office said.

“This preserved funding means no town in the state will see a decrease in formula municipal aid for the upcoming year. It also demonstrates that municipal aid is a core priority of my Administration,” said Governor Christie in a statement. “Together with bipartisan reforms such as the 2% property tax cap, pension and health benefits changes, and a 2% cap on interest arbitration awards, we are delivering real relief to property taxpayers in New Jersey as evidenced by two consecutive years of the smallest property tax increases in two decades.”


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