Picatinny Good for Community, Despite Misfire, Resident Says

Jefferson resident reacts to recent settlement awarded to family whose house was hit by shrapnel that killed their cat.

Dear Editor:

Picatinny Arsenal has existed for over 100 years and consists of 5 or 6 thousand acres.  It employs 3 to 5 thousand people.  They are some of the finest Engineers, Scientists, Physicists and Computer Programmers coming from the tri-state area. They research, develop and test all the weapons and munitions for the armed forces.

Most of the employees live in the area. They support the local business, send their children to our schools, practice their religion in our local churches and pay taxes that support our local government.

If we lost these employees to other sections of the country, think of the economic impact on Morris County and surrounding communities.

It is unfortunate that during one of these tests some of the shrapnel landed on one of the local homes, damaged the home and frightened a child and killed her pet.

Now to get to the reason that I am telling you this.  I was reading the article in the newspaper regarding this unfortunate happening and came to the last paragraph where the owner of the home said “But this is not a rural area anymore.  Take it somewhere else.  You hear the explosions every day, and each one is a reminder."

Well sir, do you really think they should uproot three thousand employees and five thousand acres and put them God knows where so that you will not be reminded?   Next time you hear the explosion, think about our brave men and women serving in Afghanestan and all parts of the world who use these weapons and munitions to keep you safe. They were all designed and developed at Picatinny Arsenal.

If you do not want to hear the reminders, perhaps you should think about moving to a safer neighborhood.

Rose Kelly

Jefferson Township

RAIN March 26, 2014 at 06:49 AM
I agree with you, Rose. Just because of one incident, which was unfortunate, but not even a truly disastrous event, should they have to pick up & move their entire facility? The family was compensated for their loss & then it's supposed to be over. Moving Picatinny would be like people who move into Teterboro and complain that the planes are too loud & the airport should be closed bc it's too close to their neighborhood. If it was there before you, you have no right to complain & want it to move. You chose to move there, they did not choose you.


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