Tearful Resident Asks Governor for Fenimore Landfill Help

Christie says issue in Roxbury Twp. getting better, but still needs to be capped off—not 'trucked out.'

Mirna Hernandez went to Long Hill Township Wednesday morning with one thing in mind: to ask the state's leader for help on making her hometown less toxic.

Hernandez, a resident of Roxbury Township, tearfully told the governor at his 111th town hall meeting that after living in the area for two years, she's now afraid to start a family because of the hazard brought by the Fenimore Landfill.

The landfill, which was dormant for years, was reopened in 2012 and available to continued dumping. Hernandez told Christie she believed the contaminants needed to be removed by truck as soon as possible. The governor charged back, saying that response would only create a bigger problem, and that the landfill needs to – and will be – capped, eliminating the issue.

In an attempt to reassure Hernandez, Christie said the situation has become markedly better since late in the summer of 2013. With monitors in place and a frigid winter creating an ice cap on the landfill, emission problems have been lacking in recent months.

Clay Thomas February 27, 2014 at 02:10 PM
Gov. Numbnuts couldn't give a rat's ass about Stink Mountain. He's in bed with the company that took the shore debris and dumped it there and the corrupt officials that conveniently looked the other way for personal and political gain. Enjoy the condom that nature has provided. Once spring arrives, it will be Stink Mountain all over again.
Emily February 27, 2014 at 02:28 PM
People he is a politician. he doesn't care, but vote for him. It's all about him we are just his pawns. he should come here in the summer time. How cliff's survives I don't know. We go to Kenvil dairy queen. He is hurting the people and the businesses. That should account for something. He is so toast in my book.
Christine Poliviou February 27, 2014 at 06:31 PM
Governor Christie!!!! Don't just smugly talk about 'my experts this, my experts that', Who experts??!! The residents are not going to blindly believe anything at this point. Show us the proof this cannot be done. We want to hear directly from the 'Experts'. Afterall, doesnt this decision primarily affect us?? Why arent we directly involved in these discussions???? Stop talking about 'a group of unhappy people', the people you are referring to are educated, intelligent people forced to do their own research as a result of the lack of transparency, and public response from your agencies. I personally BEGGED for air monitors for 4 months starting last November, only to be ignored by your DEP, and only after 4 months of being gassed did our Township start footing the bills for those- Stop blaming the 'Bad Man', and redeem yourself, take responsiblity for your appointed peoples ignorance and culpabilty in allowing this mess to happen. Why has'nt the CDC been summoned to come here (by our DOH), and do an epidemiological study? Pure negligence in my opinion. What a disgrace-
Clay Thomas February 28, 2014 at 09:28 AM
Sadly, the same public officials will likely be re-elected and they will re-appoint and continue to re-employ the same individuals (names withheld but you know them). Only when it becomes a direct personal matter such as a serious health issue or dramatic financial loss, will they consider a political change. So with spring, Stink Mountain will return, kids will get sick, but the people responsible will still be in control!
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