Locals Rally For School Nurse Fighting Cancer

Fundraisers planned for Hudson Maxim’s Nancy Pascarella.

Hudson Maxim school nurse Nancy Pascarella is known around the Hopatcong School district for the care she gives to the children who aren’t feeling well. Now, as Pascarella faces her own health challenge in the form of a battle with cancer, the community is working to ease the burden of her fight.

“Nancy is presently undergoing chemo therapy and is in need of immediate financial support,” said Hudson Maxim faculty member Cynthia Parello. “She is not feeling well right now but she is so appreciative of our support.”

That support, according to Parello, has come in the form cards, emails, kind words, meals, donations and moral support that Parello has said “are a tremendous comfort to her.”

Upping the ante, the Hudson Maxim staff is pushing the Nancy Needs Us fundraisers to the next level with a Spaghetti Dinner Dance on May 11

A big thank you to the local businesses who are donating items for the upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Dance,” Parello said. “Pavinci's, Frank's, Joey's, 3 &1 Deli, Bagels on the Hill, Uncle Sam's Bagel Cafe, Sam's Club, Sal's Pizzeria, BlueGill Cafe, Shop-Rite, Pathmark, and Weiss have been very generous.  Please support these businesses as we acknowledge their generosity.”

Tickets for the Spaghetti Dinner Dance can be purchased online and the event kicks off at 5:30 p.m. May 11 at St. Jude’s. Anyone with questions can e-mail for details.

According to kindergarten teacher Yvonne Mortello, Pascarella is a special person who deserves all the support she can get.

“Each September I take my Kindergarten students on a tour of our school building. We are always sure to stop at the nurse's office so the children can meet the very important person who will be taking care of them if or when they get sick,” Mortello said.

“Nancy always takes a moment to stop and pose for our VIP picture board and talk with the children. The kids are comforted knowing that Mrs. Pascarella will be there for them when and if they get sick.  Now it's our turn to be there for Nancy now that she is sick.” 


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