School Board Has 20 Days to Appeal Age Discrimination Outcome

Board is "exploring options," according to president.

The has 20 days to appeal the $509,000 outcome of an age discrimination won by former teacher Jeanne O’Neill, and is “considering its options,” according to Board president Ron Smith.

“All I can say is that while we respect the legal process, we are unhappy with this outcome,” Smith said. “We are currently exploring our options.”

According to a report by the Daily Record, O’Neill, who taught chemistry at until June 2008, was awarded $300,000 for emotional distress, $130,000 in back pay, and another $79,000 in other lost wages and benefits for a total of $509,000.

She filed suit after rescinding retirement notice in 2008, and then receiving poor reviews in areas where she had previously been reviewed as exemplary.

According to a letter she wrote to a supervisor that was contained in the court file, O’Neill felt she was being treated “unfairly and with hostility” because she felt she was willing to learn new teaching techniques but was not being given feedback or constructive criticism.


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